Original Alms House


After the formation of Livingston County in 1821 it was soon found that a farm was needed on which to care for the paupers of the county. Accordingly, in 1829 a farm of about I50 acres was purchased in the town of Geneseo, about 1½ miles east of the village. The building there, originally a private dwelling, was enlarged by a two-story, 48' x 36' addition, and other improvements were made. Even this soon proved to be inadequate. The county found that it was impossible to care for the large number who sought shelter, and maintain even the most basic sanitary requirements. In 1849 a new farm was purchased across the road.  The old Alms House, along with 18 acres of land, was sold at auction to Dr. Daniel Bissell, a Geneseo physician for $2,000. It was more recently purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Poste. Their daughter, Linda Poste, is the current owner.