1876 Events

The year 1876, in addition to being our centennial year, was one in which several events took place which are of special importance to Geneseo, and to Livingston County. The Livingston County Historical Society was organized at a meeting in Mt. Morris in January 1876. Dr. Daniel Fitzhugh was made president and the annual dues were declared to be one dollar. It was in this year too that the first meet, of what was to be the Genesee Valley Hunt, was held. Originally called the "Livingston County Hunt,” its "President" was Major W. Austin Wadsworth and C.C. Fitzhugh was huntsman. Another event of special interest to historians was the posthumous publication of Lockwood L. Doty's History of Livingston County. This was a massive effort and is an invaluable record. Finally, although not important historically, a rather symbolic phenomenon occurred several times during the late summer of 1876. One of the eagles which had been seen around Conesus Lake would visit Geneseo. Alighting first on the Episcopal Church, it would rise, soar around, and then perch on the Presbyterian Church, where it seemed to be surveying the village. It would then return to the Episcopal Church, before leaving for the lake.