33 South Street


A little house situated here in the late 1800's was moved and annexed to the Cornelius O'Leary house on Groveland Road. It had been the residence of Joseph Detteyder, a butler at the Wadsworth Homestead for many years. William Dickey built the present structure in 1871. He never married and after his death in 1889, the house was sold by his executors to Wallace Mason, who died in 1901. In 1911, his heirs sold the property to William and Mary Ryan. Fire of unknown origin, starting in the roof, burned the rear part of the house and caused smoke and water damage to the rest of the house in 1915. The Ryans sold the house to Mrs. (Elizabeth) William Shepard who made repairs and greatly improved the property. She moved to New Jersey and sold the house to Edward E. Doty in 1920. In 1935, it was sold to Mrs. Julian Buckley whose residence, Bleakhouse, on the Avon Road had been destroyed by fire that year. In 1946, she transferred it to her son and daughter-­in-law C. Brooks and Constance Buckley. A porch at the front was removed sometime between 1935-­1951. Mrs. C. Brooks Buckley sold the house to Gerald and Shelby Spezzano in 1973.