14 Prospect Street


John Davy bought this lot in 1885 and it is likely that he built the original part of the house, since he was a carpenter by trade. In 1896, it was sold to William and Evangia Gray. Mr. Gray was Livingston County Sheriff for over 25 years. Lucius and Clara Bradley purchased the property in 1907 and in turn sold it to William and Isabel Dwyer. The Dwyers lived next door at 16 Prospect Street. They sold the house to John and Nora Collins in 1920. He was a teamster who died in 1934. Mrs. Collins was able to keep the house until 1954 when, due to the burden of three mortgages, it was seized by the Department of Public Works and sold in 1960 to Joseph Ricotta, Geneseo Postmaster for many years.