16 Prospect Street


 This house was built in 1896 for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brodt by the much sought after and very capable Geneseo contractor, Hiram Leonard. In 1901 when an old house on Second Street was torn down, Mr. Brodt bought the lumber for the construction of a barn on his property. In 1903, the Brodt’s sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. William Gray. Mr. Gray was a Livingston County Sheriff. They lived here until 1914, when they sold it to Mr. and Mrs. William Dwyer. William Dwyer began business in Geneseo in 1897 as a delivery boy and then clerk in the Jerimiah Cullivan grocery store on Main Street in a building where the Stagecoach Florist is today. Upon Mr. Cullivan’s death in 1904, he conducted the business for the estate and in 1909 purchased the building and the business. Mr. Dwyer died in 1952, and after Mrs. Dwyer’s death the house was sold by the estate to Robert Eaton.