Temple Hill Cemetery

Wadsworth plot at Temple Hill Cemetery, 2006

The original land for a cemetery, deeded at no cost to the people of the town of Geneseo by James and William Wadsworth in 1807, contained three acres and four parcels. In 1859, another two acres were added to the east, the gift of James S. Wadsworth. Additions since that time, as nearly as can be determined, are as follows: Between 1873-75 seven acres were added. This comprised of adjoining land on the north and east purchased from Abraham Foreman and a fairly large parcel taken from the grove which prior to this extended east along Center Street for some distance. These new additions were mapped out by a civil engineer into burial lots, driveways and ornamental plots. At the same time the lodge and gateway were erected from plans by the well known Rochester architect, A. J. Warner. About 1920-21 other extensions were made to the east, land purchased from Frank Hollowell, Patrick Burns and Martin Joyce among probable others. Fire damaged the lodge in 1953; a rear wing was removed and repairs made. Further repairs were made to the lodge in the 1960’s, the gift of Dr. and Mrs. James Lockhart. At this time, aluminum siding, shutters, and a bedroom were added, and the plumbing repaired and extended.

Temple Hill Cemetery and Oak Groves
c. 1874
Courtesy of Livingston County Records Office