5 Prospect Street


This charming, well detailed house is one of several in Geneseo designed by the fine local architect, Robert Sherlock. In 1916, J. Howie Booth married Salome Beckwith and shortly afterwards commissioned Mr. Sherlock to draw up plans for this house. Upon completion, it was given national attention and the high respect the architect had achieved was demonstrated in the February 18, 1918, issue of House Beautiful. In an article entitled, “Much in Little,” the magazine demonstrated Mr. Sherlock’s talent for the maximum use of space.

J. Howie Booth was the only son of William E. Booth who built the handsome block at 62 Main Street for his boots and shoes business. When he retired and moved to Florida in 1927, he turned the business over to his son, but a year later, J. Howie Booth and his family also decided to make their home in Florida. In 1934, this house on the corner of Prospect and Center Streets, was sold to Anne Blake, Dean of Women at the Geneseo State Teachers’ College. In 1948, it became jointly owned by Miss Blake and Mary Thomas and later was sold by Miss Thomas. In 1970, she sold it to Jerome and Martha Brown. Today, it is the property of Timothy and Molly Chandler.