16 Highland Road


John Rorbach sold this house to Mary Meagher in about 1867. She sold it in 1885 to John O’Hara, a night watchman. The local newspaper noted in 1888 that he had built a new barn on the premises. In 1887 the property passed to Elizabeth O’Hara, and in 1890 she sold the house and lot for $1400 to Edward G. and Arabella Peterson of Cuylerville. In 1921, the Livingston County Republican newspaper reported the 50th wedding anniversary of the Petersons. Edward Peterson, a black man, was originally a farmer and a Civil War Veteran. He gained a reputation as a musician with the popular Peterson Orchestra. He died in 1931 at the age of 86, leaving a wife and 5 children. His wife, Arabella, died in 1937 at the age of 89. The Peterson family sold the house to Victor McDonald, and the house has had several owners since that time.