26 and 28 Highland Road

26 Highland Road, 2007

Mass production came to Geneseo in 1922 in the form of kit houses. This style of home was mass-produced in a manner similar to car assembly lines. Numbered pieces were transported to home sites for assembly. Lewis Homes of Bay City, Michigan manufactured the two homes at 26 and 28 Highland Road. The style of home was selected from a catalog that offered the owner many additional options, ranging from cupboards and doors to garages. There was even a guarantee in the form of “the Lewis 7-Point Protection.”

Courtesy of Sue and Dan Dimpfl

Purchasers were assured of the four basic essentials: good design, an efficient plan, the right material and sound construction. Glenn Everingham was the first owner of 26 Highland Road. This house was built in the Moorland style, a plan advertised for its “complete design at such an economical cost to build.”

28 Highland Road, 2007

The garage was in the Packard style. (The picture below shows Mr. Everingham at work building the garage for 26 Highland Road.) 

The house at 28 Highland Road is the Cheltenham style, “a distinctly modern version of the Dutch colonial home.”  The garage for this home was called the Cadillac and was available in five different sizes.

Courtesy of Sue and Dan Dimpfl