29 Highland Road


In 1855 fire destroyed a good sized steam mill which had been built only three years previously on this lot.  The owners moved their business to Piffard and in 1865 sold the empty lot to John Dennis. He apparently built a house here since one appears on the 1872 map of Geneseo in his name.  John Dennis, a stone mason by trade, was respected in the Village for his ability and diligence.  In 1875 he sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tourner.  Mr. Tourner was born in England and came to Geneseo in 1856. He was a tailor known for his hard work.  In 1890 Mrs. Tourner died. A year later, Mr. Tourner sold the house to his son Harry, a painter, and moved to Rochester.  Harry Tourner sold the house in 1899 and there have been several owners since that time.