16 Oak Street


Shortly after Oak Street was opened, John Vickers, a prominent builder, purchased this lot for $500. About 1896 he built this Queen Anne style house for his own residence.  He was also the contractor for the Geneseo Building, the former RG&E Building, the old County jail and several other local structures.  After the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Vickers in 1914 and 1921, the house became the property of their son, J. Hurbert Vickers.  He and his wife lived in a house they owned at 33 Main Street.  They rented out 16 Oak Street.  In 1932 they moved here and did some extensive remodeling.   In 1943 it was sold to Luther Robinson who sold it to Raymond Martini in 1949 who sold it to Guy and Dorothy Mustari in 1951.