22 Oak Street


This house, with Colonial Revival style features, was built in 1919-20 for Mr. and Mrs. Edward Finnegan after plans by the well-known and highly respected architect, J. Foster Warner of Rochester.  The contractor for the work was Charles Wilson, a capable and experienced builder.  Edward Finnegan conducted a glove and mitten factory in Geneseo.  In 1917 he married Nellie Fitzgerald of Rochester, who was a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Warner.  The plans for the house were a wedding gift.  Among J. Foster Warner’s most notable works are the George Eastman House in Rochester and the imposing 10,000 square foot mansion called “Hilltop Manor” in Churchville.

In 1944, sometime after her husband’s death, Mrs. Finnegan sold the house to Grace Balding, mother of the late Walter Balding.  She lived here until her death and in 1977 her executors sold the house to Austin W. Erwin, an attorney.  He, his wife and son lived here for several years until they sold the property and moved south.