30 Oak Street


Stanley, Mary, and Katherine Shepard sold the north half of their lot facing Oak Street to William L. Howell in 1897 for $1400. He built a Colonial Revival style house on the lot in 1898. At one time Mr. Howell was engaged in the manufacture of mittens and later was in the poultry business. He died in Idaho in 1919 at the age of 61. Prior to his move, he sold the house in 1908 to Professor Lewis Stapley and his wife Mabel. Lewis Stapley was born in Geneseo and became a teacher. However, he left teaching to become one of the pioneer automobile salesmen in the state. He died in 1938 at the age of 59, leaving a wife and three children.

The Stapley’s had sold the house in 1913 to Charles Wilson, a contractor, who died in 1921. Anne Wilson sold the house in 1928 to William and Enah Grove, who sold it in 1939 to the Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company. The railroad sold it to Joseph and Mary Quirk in 1946.