1 Elm Street


This house is a Gothic Revival house, cruciform with the arms of the cross extending as gables.  It was built about 1856 by Hugh McBride. He was born in White Hall, Montour County, Pennsylvania in 1803 and trained as a carpenter. In 1822, he heard there was employment in Geneseo, walked here with a pack on his back and soon gained the reputation of master carpenter. He resided in this house with his second wife and their only son, Frederick, also a carpenter. Hugh McBride died in 1882. Mrs. McBride died in 1895. Three hours after her funeral, Frederick married Eliza Bingham of Buffalo in this house next to his mother’s casket. The time and manner of the wedding was the expressed desire of his mother. Frederick McBride died in 1904 at the age of 36. His widow continued to reside here pursuing the career of dressmaker. After her death in the 1930’s according to her will, the property passed to her three nieces who sold it to Miss Agnes Griswold in 1936. Miss Griswold died in 1945 and the house was sold to Gamble Wilson who sold it to Charles and Ida Fundinger the following year.