6 Elm Street


Mrs. Patience Goheen was the 10th child and only daughter of William and Elizabeth Doty, early settlers in Groveland. She married a Colonel Charles Goheen of Groveland in 1837. They moved to Geneseo into 14 Elm Street with their three daughters and a son in 1869. In 1876, two years after the death of her husband, Mrs. Goheen engaged a builder named Durkee to erect the original part of this house at 6 Elm Street. One of the daughters, Mary, married Otto Hopkins in 1878 and they moved to Ohio where he practiced law for several years before returning to Geneseo. Mary and Otto’s son Charles later married Elizabeth (Ate) Chapin of Geneseo. Mrs. Goheen’s other children never married and continued residing with their mother until her death in 1903. Soon after that, they enlarged the house considerably and continued to live here. Fanny Goheen outlived her brother and sisters and a year before her death in 1953, at the age of 92, she and Mary Hopkins, her niece, sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Grant Parker in 1955 and the Parkers sold it to James and Claire Chen in 1973.