18 Elm Street


The date of construction of this house is uncertain. In 1853, the owner, William M. Bond, sold the property to Harrison and Mary Rathbun for $250.  By 1856, the selling price to Zopher Simpson was $850, suggesting that the property had been greatly improved, perhaps by the addition of a house.  The next two sales (to Mary J. Doty in 1864, and to Edward A. Pickard in 1868) were both for $800.  Edward Pickard was engaged in the painting and repair business.  Mrs. Pickard died in 1888 at the age of 43, leaving her husband and three children.  The house was obtained in 1895 by George and Harriet Goode, and Mr. Pickard died in 1906.  The Goodes sold it in 1896 to Elizabeth Warfield and Mary White, who owned the house for the next forty years.