20 Elm Street


William Cushing sold this property to William Bond, Jr., in 1852.  The following year, he sold it to Charles Colt, who sold it in 1858 to Mrs. Sarah Calkins.  John Calkins (perhaps her husband) died in 1870 at age 67.  When Sarah died in 1874 at age 85, she was living with her son-in-law L.C. Morey.  The following year, the Livingston Republican reported that Charles Morey was building on Elm Street. It is uncertain whether he was building on this lot or on another. 

Charles Morey was born in 1842, and he married Clara Calkins in 1866.  Mr. Moray was a janitor and groundskeeper at the Normal School.  In 1879, the newspaper commented on his beautiful flower beds.  Clara and Charles Morey also owned the property next door at 22 Elm Street.

Clara Morey died in 1912 at the age of 75.  When Charles retired, he lived with his daughter, and died a few years later in 1915.  His daughter probably was Edith Moray, who, along with Bertha Hibbard, sold the property to Allen Fraley in 1936.  The next several changes in ownership appear to have been within the Morey-Calkins family.  Allen Fraley sold the house in 1945 to Sarah Calkins, who subsequently willed it to Jim F. Calkins.  His will left the property to Clarissa C. Morey, who willed it to Lorraine C. Morey, who in turn willed it to Edith Moray and Bertha Hibbard (the same Edith and Bertha who sold it in 1936).