5 Elm Street


In 1887, William Crystal, a blacksmith, purchased the lot at 5 Elm Street from Mrs. Anna McBride who owned and lived in the adjoining house (1 Elm Street). At that time, the lot contained a carpentry shop situated well back from the street which had been used by Mrs. McBride’s late husband, Hugh, a master carpenter. William Crystal moved the shop nearer the street, enlarging it and converting it into a dwelling. In 1894, it was purchased by Helen Savage, a young widow with two small children. She died of “consumption” in 1896 and the house was sold by the children’s guardian to Dr. and Mrs. Charles Fraley. Dr. Fraley was a dentist who practiced in Geneseo from 1900 until his death in 1936. In 1955, the house was purchased by Mrs. George Abbott and two years later she sold it to John and Gertrude Black.