7 Elm Street


This house was probably built about 1865 for William and Mary Miller Shepard, both of whose parents were early settlers in Geneseo. They sold it to Judge and Mrs. Solomon Hubbard in 1867. The Hubbards moved to Geneseo from Dansville in 1864 when he was elected County Judge. It is doubtful that they ever lived here since that same year they also purchased the house at 39 South Street where they are believed to have lived until their deaths. George and Harriet Goode purchased the house from the Hubbards in 1871. George Goode was a prominent businessman in Geneseo for many years. He had emigrated from England in 1858 and married Harriet Hanby who bore him eight children. They built a new barn here in 1874. Mrs. Goode died in 1901 and Mr. Goode in 1920. In 1921 the house was sold to Melville De La Vergne. After his death, his heirs sold it to John T. McKiernan in 1954. Gerald and Margaret Smith purchased it from Mr. McKiernan in 1959.