11 Elm Street


The original part of this house is known to have existed prior to 1851, the year it was purchased by Colonel Herman Farnham for $800. He and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Alleghany County in 1865 and sold the house to Jackson Rapp for $1,800. Additions were probably completed by the Farnhams. Jackson Rapp was in the furniture business. In 1867, he sold the house to David and Caroline Foote for $2,050. The Footes sold it to their daughter and son-in-law, Samuel and Sarah Birge in 1881. Mrs. Foote died in 1882 but her husband continued to live with his daughter and her family until his death in 1901. Mr. Birge was a successful merchant on Main Street and died in 1885. The title of the house at some point went to the Birges’ son, Livingston, but the senior Mrs. Birge continued to live here with her son and family until her death in 1908. After Mr. and Mrs. Livingston Birges’ deaths in 1948 and 1949, the property was sold and had a series of five owners until it was purchased in 1976 by Roger and Nancy Least.