22 Elm Street


This house was built in about 1887 by Morris Leiser.  Previously, the lot had been owned by William Cushing (1852), then Charles Colt, Jr. (1853), Alonzo Calkins (1856), and Clara Calkins Morey (1871).  In 1885, Clara and her husband, Charles Morey, sold the lot to James C.J. Haynes, who sold it to Morris Leiser in 1887. 

Mr. Leiser had come to Geneseo in about 1865. He built the house about 1887, and in about 1897, he hired Charles Wilson to build a barn on the lot.  When Morris Leiser died in 1900 at age 54, the house was willed to Oscar Leiser.  The local newspaper reported that Mrs. Leiser and a daughter were moving to New York City.  The house was rented out.  Oscar Leiser sold the house in 1917 to James W. Fraser, who sold it five years later to Edward and Mary DeMunn.  Mr. DeMunn served as the Geneseo Superintendent of Public Works for many years.  When he died in 1949 at age 75, Mary sold the house to Edward E. and Beatrice Draper.