32 North Street


This house was built during the first half of the 19th century for Calvin Bryant and used by him as a tenant house until it was sold to William W. Killip in 1854.  Mr. Killip was a Manxman, having been born on the lsle of Man.  He came to Geneseo as a young man and during his long life became a prominent and beloved citizen.  His chosen profession was music and in 1859 he founded a music school in the village.  He was organist and conductor of music at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church for over 40 years.  He outlived his wife, a son and three daughters, and after his death his executors sold the house to Mrs. W.A. Wadsworth.  She made extensive repairs, including the erection of a sun room at one end and offered its use as a hospital and rest home for the use of State Normal teachers and students.

c.1915, Elizabeth Wadsworth Nursing Home
Courtesy of Milne Library