82 North Street


No house is shown on this lot in the Geneseo map of 1852, but the 1854 map shows a home in the name of M. Decker. The lot had been sold to Elizabeth and Morris Decker in 1853, for the sum of $300. The Deckers lived here for the rest of their lives. Morris Decker came to Geneseo in 1847. According to an 1868 directory, he was a carpenter and joiner, and Elizabeth was a milliner. Elizabeth died in 1872, and Morris in 1878. In 1879, Ezra and Angeline Decker sold the house to Anna Decker for one dollar. (Presumably all three were heirs.)  Willis Weeks purchased the house in 1905. He died in 1906 at the age of 53.  His heir, Julia Weeks, sold the house to Joel Burnett, who sold it in 1921 to William H. and Mary Stewart. In 1921, the local newspaper reported that Wm. H. Stewart, lately with Geneseo Hardware, was now in the plumbing and heating business for himself in his house on North Street. Mr. Stewart moved to Filmore in 1929.