36 North Street


The original part of the house was probably built sometime between 1855-58 by or for Joseph Parsons. (He bought the lot in 1855.  No house appears on the 1852 map of the village, but one does appear on the 1858 map.)  The Parsons also owned the property at 48 North Street from 1848-64. It is undetermined where they actually lived - possibly first at 48 North and later 36 North. Joseph Parsons was a shoemaker. He died in 1877 and his widow sold this house to Herbert Hanby in 1878. In 1885 he sold it to Mrs. Rhoda Curtiss. She moved to Michigan and sold the house to Alfred Balding in 1895. Alfred Balding was also a shoemaker. He came to Geneseo in 1888 and opened a shop on Center Street. His wife died in 1904, but Mr. Balding continued living here until his death in 1946.