48 North Street


The original part of the house was probably built sometime between 1848 and 1852 by or for Joseph Parsons. He purchased the land in 1848 and the 1852 map of the village shows a house here in his name. Joseph Parsons was a shoemaker. The Parsons also owned the property at 36 North Street from 1855 to 1878. It is unclear where they actually lived, possibly first here and then at 36 North Street. He sold this house to John Wilcox in 1864 and Mr. Wilcox sold it to Henry Morris in 1870. It remained with the Morris family until 1843, when it was sold to John and Margaret Davidson. Mr. Davidson operated a jewelry store on Main Street. After his death in 1895, Mrs. Davidson moved to Rochester to live with her sister. She died in 1902, and in 1905 this house was sold by her executor to Dr. Edward Southall, a local physician who lived and practiced on Main Street. In 1928 it was acquired by Frank Cook, and in 1948 his trustee sold it to James and Genevieve Mulvey.