80 North Street


This house is believed to have been built in 1882 by Henry H. Lord.  Mr. Lord had been a blacksmith in Cuylerville and later engaged in the fruit business, buying and shipping to New York City. He gradually enlarged and extended his business until he had one of the largest and most lucrative trades in the country. He was also known as an “enthusiastic spiritualist.” He moved to Geneseo after his retirement. Mrs. Lord died in 1888 and in 1889 Mr. Lord sold this house to Mrs. M. J. McCabe. In 1901 Mrs. McCabe sold the house to her daughter and son-in-law, Charles and Minnie McCabe Baeder. Charles Baeder at one time was owner of the Big Tree Inn on Main Street. The Baeders sold the house to Mrs. Susannah Erwin. She died in 1931 but it remained in the hands of the Erwin family until 1946 when it was sold to Bertha and Ruth Smith.