49 North Street


This house was built about 1866-67 by Hiram Leonard, a skilled contractor and builder of his time.  In 1868 he sold it to Horace Dodge, who the following year sold it to Thomas Hanby and his wife Jane.  Thomas Handy was trained as a gardener in England.  He had come to this country soon after his marriage and took care of the gardens and grounds at Hartford House for General Wadsworth. In 1848 he moved to Sodus and in 1869 retired and returned to Geneseo and bought this house.  About 1878 the property was acquired by W. W. Killip who never lived here but probably rented it since he and his family made their home at 32 North Street.  A few years after his death in 1913 the house was sold to William and C. Ella Carson and remained the property of the Carson family many years.