44 North Street


E. R. Hammat purchased this property in 1852 for $150 and sold it in 1856 for $1000, during which time the house was probably built. Mr. Hammat was a land agent for General James Wadsworth. The 1872 map of the village shows it in the name of Alexander Wayne, and a search of deeds shows that Mr. Wayne purchased the property “with buildings thereon” in 1876. Mrs. Wayne died in 1880. She had been a housekeeper at the Homestead. In 1883, Mr. Wayne sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. George Booher and left Geneseo. In 1905, Holden Colvin, a widower, who worked many years as a mail carrier, purchased the property. In 1916 he retired, moved to Rochester, and sold the house to Fred and Margaret Clapper. In 1967 it was sold by Margaret Clapper’s executor to Alma O’Connell.