35 North Street


A search of deeds shows that Henry Pearson purchased this lot in 1875. In an 1878 issue of The Livingston Republican, there was the following item: “the old landmark house with narrow siding formerly owned and occupied by Ed Root has been moved from North Street to make room for the house Mr. Pearson intends to build. The old house has been placed on a lot owned by Ed Ferron on the west side of Mill Street” (now called Highland Road). Pearson was a highly respected resident, a cabinet-maker by trade. He also engaged in the restaurant business in Geneseo for many years. In 1903, he married Mrs. Josephine Eythe. Two years after her husband’s death in 1918, Mrs. Pearson sold the house to Dewit C. Cleveland. By an order of the Court, the house was transferred to Dorothy Cook in 1964, and in 1965, it was purchased by Samuel Least.