77 North Street


James Wadsworth sold this land to Alonzo Berry for $266.67 in 1874. When Mr. Barry sold it in 1882 the price was $1075. The original part of the house probably was built sometime between these dates.  Alonzo Berry was a carpenter and joiner. He moved to Buffalo and sold the house to his daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Weeks. The Weeks moved to Perry and sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. James Weeks (relationship unknown). In 1901 they sold it to Alfred and Jennie Dieffenbacher. Mr. Dieffenbacher died soon after and the house became the property of his son William. Mrs. Dieffenbacher continued to reside with her son and his family until her death in 1936. William Dieffenbacher conducted what was known as the “Geneseo Steam Laundry” in a building in the rear of the house. In 1959 he sold the property to Charles and Elizabeth Mc Donald who sold it to William and Elizabeth Curry in 1976.