29 Center Street


John La Marsh built this house in 1889 on a vacant lot that he owned next to his own residence at 44 Second Street. John La Marsh was a tailor who came to Geneseo from Germany in the 1860’s. Mr. La Marsh died in 1910, and after Mr. La Marsh’s death in 1914, the property passed to their only daughter, Rose Moore, a resident of Mt. Vernon, New York. In 1922, she sold this house to Mr. and Mrs. Gates Minckler who had been living here. That same year, the Mincklers made repairs and an addition to the west. They made further repairs and enlargements in 1930. Mr. Minckler was a druggist who ran a pharmacy on the corner of Main and Center for many years. In 1959, the Mincklers’ daughter, Helen Minckler Dawson, sold the house to Donald and Rejean Mills.