73 Center Street


First occupied by Dr. Joel Gray, M.D., this house was built about 1843, as a single family dwelling. He died in 1847 and in 1849 his trustees sold it to John White who then sold it to Robert and Jane McBride in 1851. Robert and Jane McBride came to Geneseo from Ireland about 1821 to work for James Wadsworth at the Homestead, he on the grounds and she in the house.  When Mr. McBride’s health began to fail, they moved to this house. He died in 1854 but his widow remained and lived here until her death at age 99 in 1890, having spent a quiet and rather secluded life. There were no children and the property passed to relatives in the west. They sold it in 1891 to James Colt who resided next door at 75 Center Street. Two years later, he contracted Edward Forbes to build him a house in Leicester and, as part of the transaction, Mr. Forbes became the owner of this house on Center Street. In 1904, Mr. Forbes sold it to James and Sarah Fraser.  Mr. Fraser was associated with the hardware firm of Fraser, Green and Leadingham.  In 1922, fire destroyed the roof and gutted the interior of the house.   It was then sold to Robert Merrell who contracted William Totten to rebuild and repair it. It was then converted to a double house.