66 Center Street


This painted red brick house is thought to have been built about 1860 by William M. Bond, Jr.  Mr. Bond was an active businessman in Geneseo for many years.  Four years after his death in 1865, the house was sold to Samuel Finley, Jr., who was manager of the machine shop that stood on Main Street where the old Bolt house (5 Main) is today.  When Mr. Finley died in 1876, the house again passed into the hands of the Bond family and remained their property for another 12 years.

In 1887, it was purchased by Mrs. Charles Youngs.  Charles A. Youngs, her husband, was a son of former Sheriff Elijah Youngs and for several years was an active hardware dealer.  Early in 1887, he suffered a stroke of paralysis followed by a mental disturbance, which forced him to be confined to an institution where he died in 1891 at the age of 41.  Mrs. Youngs and their three children lived in the house until 1900 and during these years it underwent extensive repair.

Thomas Bilmore purchased the house from Mrs. Youngs in 1900, and in 1921 his daughter and heir sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Perry Euchner.  Shortly after it became their property, the Euchners made some alterations, the most noticeable of which is the front entrance.  Mr. Euchner was able to acquire the doorway from the old Kimbark Tavern, which formerly stood on the corner of Routes 20A and 256 (West Lake Road) in Lakeville, and he had it installed in his residence.  The Euchners lived in this house for about ten years, after which it changed hands several times.

In 1959, the house became the residence of Mrs. Sarah Scofield and remained so until her death in 1969.  The property was sold next to Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Orwen.