51 Center Street


A deed search shows that this property was purchased in 1840 by Chauncey Parsons, and the earliest map of the village with names (1852) shows a house here in the name of Chauncey Parsons. These two facts give a clue to the approximate date of construction. Chauncey Parsons, a blacksmith, came to Geneseo in 1822. The following year he married Wealthy Hitchcock. He carried on the blacksmith trade, dealt in lumber, and was a deacon of the Presbyterian Church. In 1857, he discontinued business, sold his house to John Gilman, and moved to Rochester where he became superintendent of Mt. Hope Cemetery. John Gilman sold it to John Beech in 1859, and in 1883, after the death of his wife, John Beach sold it to Charles Shepard. Mr. Shepard was a prominent citizen of the day. He was born at and lived at 45 Center Street all of his long life of 99 years. An article in a 1902 issue of the Livingston Democrat stated that “this house has been occupied by tenants since 1883.”