54 Center Street


Also built by Hugh McBride is this house at 54 Center Street; completed in 1830.  He sold it in 1850 to Mrs. Sarah Squires, a widow with four daughters: Elizabeth, Almira, Carolyn and Clarissa.  Mrs. Squires died in 1862 at the age of 84.  The daughters, who never married and were considered “quiet, unassuming and neighborly,” continued living here until the last of the four, Almira, died in 1891 at age 75.  In 1871, the house was remodeled and in 1881 a story was added to the wing.  For several years, before the death of Almira, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White had occupied the house with her and had seen to her care.  Mrs. White died shortly after Almira and the house became the property of Mr. White in 1892.  He transferred it to his daughter, Hester, in 1893.  Mr. White died in 1894.  Hester married in 1895 and in 1906 sold the house to Richard E. White, her brother.  Richard White and his wife lived here until both of their deaths in 1927.