41 Center Street


The original part of this house was probably built about 1845 by/for Nelson Janes.  Nelson Janes was born in Conesus; he attended schools in Canada where he lived with his parents from 1824 to 1838. He returned to Geneseo and became an assistant sheriff and later a deputy sheriff.  From 1849- 55 he was clerk of the Board of Supervisors and later became manager of the large James Wadsworth estate.

In the 1860’s this house became the property and residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Adams and their son George.  J.B. Adams was a prominent lawyer of his day.  At that time there was a penstock in front of the house where students from the Cobblestone School across the street obtained water.  (A penstock is defined by Webster as “a pipe conducting water from the head gates to a water wheel,” or “a conduit for conveying water to a power plant.”) A lane along the west side of the house led to an old building 200-300 feet back which had formerly been used as a foundry.  This was later moved to become the rear of the house at 21 Center StreetThe Adams must have made improvements and/or additions to the house since the purchase price in 1861 was $1000 and they sold it in 1871 for $2500.

In 1906 it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb who, in 1928, engaged a local contractor, Wesley Totten, to make extensive repairs and improvements.  In 1959 the house was purchased by R.A. Phetteplace who sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mix in 1962