81 Center Street


The house at the west corner of Center Street and Highland Road is thought to have been built in the early 1840’s by Jabez Raney. He lost it due to a default on his mortgage and in 1856 the property was purchased by William and Elizabeth Scott. William Scott served as Livingston County Sheriff for several years. In 1867, Mrs. Scott, now widowed, sold the property to Lockwood L. Doty who resided here for four years with his family. Mr. Doty was the author of the first History of Livingston County. In 1869, the house, then a story and a half, was damaged by a fire that was confined to the upper portion. Repairs were made, the roof raised, and in 1871 the Dotys sold the property to William H. Angel. A few years after Mr. Angel’s death in 1911 his estate sold the property to James V. Sturges who served as principal of the Geneseo Normal School for 17 years.

Up until this time the property extended along Highland Road as far as Oak Street.  The Sturges family sold almost all these lots with the exception of the corner where the house stood. In the late 1920’s the Sturges family sold this property to Craig Wadsworth. Craig Wadsworth, an internationally known horseman, resided here until his death in 1960.