55 Center Street


Arriving in Geneseo in 1807, at the age of 21, Oliver Skinner built the original house prior to 1839.  He then sold it to Isaac Newton, a Main Street merchant.  Mr. Newton left Geneseo about 1866 to go into partnership with his son in Michigan and in 1870 the house was sold to Elisha Hudnutt.  Elisha Hudnutt built and operated a foundry at the north end of Main Street that was later converted into residences (the Bolt House).  He reconstructed the house on Center Street so that it bore no resemblance to the original.  In 1907, when Mr. Hudnutt was 89, he and Mrs. Hudnutt moved to Tonawanda, New York.  They lived there with their daughter until their deaths in 1911.  Their heirs sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Curtis in 1917, who in turn sold it to Herbert and Catherine Barkley in 1924.  The Reverend and Mrs. Addison Mason subsequently purchased it in 1933.