37 Center Street


The original part of this house was probably built in the 1840’s. In 1855 it became the property of Leverett Richmond who died the following year. His widow, Maria, continued to live here for many years with her three children from a former marriage to Thomas Forsythe. She died in 1902 at the age of 93 and the deed was transferred to her daughter, Mrs. Horace (Elizabeth Forsythe) Dodge who, along with her husband, had been living here with her mother.  After her husband’s death in 1911, Mrs. Dodge sold the house to people named Litzendorf and she moved to a house on Oak Street. The Litzendorfs sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. George Walls in 1918 and after Mrs. Wall’s death the property was purchased in 1951 by Thomas and Nora Johnston. After Nora’s death in 1987, the house was purchased by Bruce and Jean Bennett. Mr. Bennett made extensive renovations and improvements to the house.