Watering Trough

In 1885, when water pipes were being laid to serve the new Fountain on Main Street, William A. Wadsworth erected a new watering trough replacing an old wooden one at the entrance to Temple Hill Grove.  This was cut in a stone (rough ashlar) of LeRoy limestone, 7’ long by 3 ½’ wide and 2” thick.  The semi-circular back was of rough stones which were soon covered with foliage of creeping vines.  The watering trough along with the fountain, pipes, and all water rights were given to the village by Mr. Wadsworth in 1888.  Eventually, with the advent of the automobile and the decreased need for a watering spot for horses, the watering trough became neglected and badly overgrown with weeds.  In 1954, a volunteer committee headed by J. Robert Houston restored the trough to its attractive rustic character.  Since 1967, the Geneseo Garden Club has carefully maintained this area.

c. 1920
Courtesy of Jon and Liz Porter