1 Main Street


Located at the corner of the north end of Main Street, the Wadsworth Land office is an important historical and architectural landmark in the village. It was built in 1835 by James S. Wadsworth, later General Wadsworth. Son of the pioneer James, he was educated for a career in law, but the overseeing of his vast estate and his love of the land prevented him from carrying on an active law practice. The management of his many farms and his concern for his tenants necessitated the building of a land office.

The building has continued to serve its original purpose and has remained the property of the Wadsworth family. The front wing with matching window, door and roof detail was an early addition. The brick wing at the rear was added in 1926, and in 1928 a large porch (not original with the building) across the front was removed and replaced with graceful stone steps and ornamental railing. It is likely that the entrance frame was also added at this time.