38 Main Street


This handsome building (formerly the Post Office) was built in 1830 by Allen Aryault to house the Livingston County Bank of which he was president.  After Mr. Aryault’s death in 1861, the bank continued here for a time but soon merged with the Genesee Valley Bank and moved to new quarters on the corner of Main and Bank Streets.  The building remained in Mrs. Aryault’s hands until after her death in 1885 when it was sold to James W. Wadsworth and in 1887 became the site of the Post Office.

The building originally had one entrance at the south.  In 1893 an additional entrance was put in at the north.  At the same time the stone steps were removed and open work iron steps put at each entrance.  The stone steps were purchased by W. A. Wadsworth and placed at the north entrance of his land office at the Homestead.  In 1914 an eighteen-foot, two-story brick addition was added to the rear, and interior improvements were made. A driveway installed on the north was where all mail was to be delivered and taken out at a side entrance.  Further changes were made in 1928.  The north door was closed and a large pane of glass was put in the south door.  An addition the entire length of the building was added to the north and other interior alterations were made.

Alice Wadsworth Strong inherited the building in 1984 from her father, the late Honorable J. J. Wadsworth, and in 1985 an unsightly canopy over the front entrance was removed and the original iron grill work over the windows replaced.