111 Main Street


A.W. Butterway, who succeeded the earlier cabinet makers, Samuel Butler and Samuel Gardner, was located here in 1848 and remained in the same location for many years.  By 1857, Mr. Butterway was advertising, in addition to his cabinetry, “the largest and best assortment of readymade coffins in the country – also a hearse for the accommodation of the public.”  Swan and Rector purchased the building from the Butterway estate about 1891.  They continued in the furniture trade and added funeral arrangement services.  A major innovation in 1898 was the installation of an elevator. 

In 1927, the business was reorganized and became known as W.S. Rector and Sons, and for a time included an ambulance service.  About 1956, the furniture business was discontinued and three years later extensive remodeling took place with plans drawn by draftsman Peter Bachem.

Frank Hicks purchased the good will and name from the Rectors in 1968. The Hicks family has continued to keep the building in excellent repair.