17 Main Street


The original center portion of this house was probably built about 1816. A large central chimney opened into the four original rooms, and the fireplace in the dining room wall contained an oven. It was purchased in 1864 by Hezekiah Allen and in 1866 he sold it for $3,000 to Nelson Jones, who managed the estate of James S. Wadsworth.  After General Wadsworth was killed in the Civil War, Nelson Jones continued to act as agent for the Honorable James W. Wadsworth. He died in 1899 and his daughters sold the house to John Young, son of the late Governor Young. John Young made some repairs and about 1906 built the wing to the south. The servants' rooms and kitchens were added before 1900 and the wing to the north even earlier. John Young died in 1923 and Mrs. Young died in 1949.  The house eventually became the property of their daughter, Mary Young Doty. When Mrs. Doty was forced to move to a nursing home in 1976, the house was sold to Frank Hicks. Currently owned by the State University, the house is often used for receptions and conferences.