29 Main Street


The original part of this house was built in the early 19th century. At the time of its construction it consisted of only four rooms with a center chimney and a cobblestone cellar (strong evidence of its early date). In 1838 when Jacob Hall, a harness maker, purchased the brick building to the south of this for his residence, he also purchased this house. In 1865 he sold it to John Reamer, a miller, and the following year, Mr. Reamer sold it to the Geneseo Gospel Society for use as a Presbyterian parsonage. Additions and repairs were made to the parsonage in 1877.

c. 1974, Courtesy of APOG

In 1888 the Gospel Society sold the house to Dr. Edward South who added an entry porch in 1900 and in 1909 sold it to Arthur Reed. Two years later, it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton. They died in the 1930's but the house remained in the hands of the Newton family until 1955 when it was sold to Thomas and Patricia Bishop, and it was known as “Bishop’s Dairy.”

Preservation architect Paul Malo calls this house an unspoiled example of the Federal style prevalent in western New York in the early 19th century.