33 Main Street


This house was built in 1888 for Eugene Scheffer on part of the property originally occupied by the American Hotel, which was destroyed by fire in 1885. The old American Hotel and its outbuildings occupied considerably more land than the present property. Mr. Scheffer conducted a successful coal and lumber business in Geneseo, which accounts, in part, for the fine paneling and cherry floors on the interior and the wood shingles that clad the frame walls on the exterior. He married Mary Louise Doty in 1887. She was a daughter of Lockwood L. Doty, historian and author of the History of Livingston County. They sold the house to Miss Emma Cummings. She died in 1916 and her executors sold the house in 1918 to Mary E. Condon. Sometime later it was sold to Mr. John Vickers, a prominent contractor who built the Geneseo Building, the present Gas & Electric Building and the former County Jail, among other local structures.