131 Main Street


This  building was erected in 1884 by Joseph Lewis on the site of the old white Presbyterian Church.  The church, which was erected in about 1816 on land given by James Wadsworth, was torn down in 1884 when a new house of worship was completed on the corner of Second and Center Streets. Joseph Lewis, who resided in a house adjacent to this on the south, was for over 50 years engaged in buying and shipping wood. He was also one of the most popular and successful auctioneers in the county. 

For years this house was rented by William A. Stevens who was a successful hardware dealer and lived there with his wife and three children.  About 1917, they moved to a house on Center Street and this house was sold to William Barrett. 

Dr. Homer Bull purchased it in 1927 and added the brick addition at the rear for offices.  He remained there until about 1957.  Then it served as offices for Dr. Gerald Manley. It currently serves as offices for the firm of Harris-Beach attorney, Jon Porter.

The original structure on this site was a log tavern. Later, in 1813, it was the dwelling and office of Samuel Miles Hopkins, a land agent for the Morris Tract. Vance and Weller purchased the building for their livery stable and moved it to the present location, now known as the “In-Between.”