90 Main Street


Constructed in 1866, this brick block became the property of William Olmstead in 1867. He conducted a dry goods store there until 1898 when he sold it to H. H. Curtiss. It was sold again in 1909 to John Balding and Son. They remodeled it and ran it as a book, stationery and novelty store. After Mr. Balding’s death, Mrs. Balding and her son continued the operation. In 1935, the building was purchased by the Market Basket Corporation. They remodeled the interior and replaced the front with plate glass windows and a center entrance. A fire slightly damaged the building in the 1940’s but repairs were made. The Red and White Food Store occupied the building for a time and still later it was purchased by Guy Costanzo for a Western Auto Store. Fire again threatened this building in 1972 at the time of the Rabinowitz Block fire. Because of a fire wall, there was only slight water and smoke damage.