28 Main Street


The original part of this building was erected prior to 1836 and for many years was part of the B. F. Angel estate. Benjamin F. Angel made the large house at 26 Main Street his residence for several years. The house at 28 Main was used as a select school for young girls. In 1849, Mr. Angel sold it to Hugh Gragg for $1,200 for use as his residence.  After Mr. Gragg sold it in 1852, it changed hands eight times until 1891 when it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. John Scott. Mr. Scott conducted a flour mill at the Depot until 1855 when he became Superintendent of the Poor, a position he held until he chose not to run again in 1891.

In 1903 the Scotts sold the house to the Geneseo Club, a social organization. The club made many changes. In 1913 bowing alleys were added. In 1925 more changes were made and in 1946 the front porch was removed and the interior extensively redecorated.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Balding purchased the building in 1954 and used it as headquarters for their business. The brick building in the rear, which was used as a warehouse, was formerly a cheese factory