22 Main Street


The original part of this house was built in the early 1830's by Hubbard Turner, a merchant. He died in 1837 at the age of 37 and the house changed hands a few times until it was purchased in 1852 by Ellen B. Young, widow of Governor John Young, who made it her residence until her death in 1872. Her daughter, Katherine (Mrs. C. T. Buckley) inherited the house. Mr. and Mrs. Buckley completely overhauled the house in the spring of 1874. Mr. Buckley died later that year, but Mrs. Buckley maintained possession until 1880 when she sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youngs who in 1882 painted the brickwork mahogany and the woodwork olive and made other repairs.

Charles Youngs was an active businessman for several years, but in 1886 an attack of paralysis followed by a mental disturbance forced him to be confined to an institution. In 1887, Mrs. Youngs sold this house to Mary Bryan Treat Jennings, a widow and daughter of Judge Samuel Treat who was one of the first principals of Temple Hill Academy. She moved to Rochester in 1892 and sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curtis. They moved to Addison in 1907 and sold it to Samuel Fraser who, as an expert on apple orchards, had been brought to this country by the Wadsworth family. Mr. Fraser died here in 1959 and his widow later moved to California. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Diliberto purchased the house in 1974.